Membership in the Hungarian Studies Association is open to all academic scholars working in the field of Hungarian studies, regardless of discipline. To become a member, simply email with your name, preferred mailing address, discipline, scholarly affiliation if applicable. Then choose one of the payment methods below (PayPal or check). Please indicate in your email to us if you have chosen the supporting membership.

  • Discounted Membership for a) students; b) retirees; c) individuals experiencing economic precarity: $25.00 USD/year
  • Basic Membership:  $35.00 USD/year
  • Supporting Membership: $50.00 USD/year minimum, with option to donate more to help support HSA’s book and article prizes, and other initiatives
  • Institutional Membership: $100.00 USD/year

Simply visit and send your membership fee to, or mail a check to:

Jeffrey Pennington
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