The HSA was formed in 1970 as The American Association for the Study of Hungarian History by 12 scholars: Janos Bak, George Barany, Stephen Borsody, Laszlo Deme, Tibor Halasi-Kun, Samuel Goldberger, Andrew Gyorgy, Bela Kiraly, Peter Pastor, John Rath, Steven B. Vardy, and Peter Sugar. They charged their new organization with the following mission:

  1. to act as a forum for historians interested in Hungarian history, and
  2. to establish contacts and cooperate with colleagues in Hungary.

By 1973 it had 74 members and was successful in organizing and sponsoring panels at the annual national conventions of the American Historical Association and the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies. This organization was never an exclusionary one, but was open to cooperation with scholar in other fields. This openness has encouraged scholars from other social sciences to join.


In 2003 the decision was made to change the Association’s name to reflect the academic diversity of its membership. Since 2004 the new name of the association is Hungarian Studies Association. The membership represents not only scholars in the United States, but also in Hungary, Australia, Canada, Israel, Italy, Japan, Germany, Norway, Spain, and the United Kingdom. The association is an affiliate of both the American Historical Association and the Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (formerly the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies) and its business meetings are held concurrently with the ASEEES annual convention. Contact with members is maintained with our Newsletter, which is published multiple times a year.

The HSA also presents an article prize and a book prize in alternate years for the best Hungary-related article or monograph, award outstanding scholarship in our field.

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Executive Board

Steven Jobbit, sjobbitt@lakeheadu.ca

Leslie M. Waters, LeslieWaters@rmc.edu

Mark Trotter, HungStudiesAssoc@gmail.com or martrott@indiana.edu

Jeffrey Pennington, jpennington@berkeley.edu

Jessica R. Storey-Nagy, jestorey@indiana.edu

Executive Board Members:
Andrew Behrendt, behrendta@mst.edu
Katalin Fabian, fabiank@lafayette.edu
Emily Gioielli, emily.gioielli@gmail.com
Jessica R. Storey-Nagy, jestorey@indiana.edu